Sometimes, running a recruitment company can make you want to tear your hair out.


Clients constantly squeezing your margins:

“Your competition charges less for the same service.”


Staff blaming you for their underperformance:

“There aren’t enough clients on the database”

“I don’t have enough candidates – you need to spend more money on advertising to fill these vacancies”


Staff calling in with dubious excuses:

” I can’t come into work today because my washing machine has broken down.”



So what should you do? Sack everyone and start again?

Well, if you’ve made some bad hires that might not be as crazy as it first sounds – provided, of course, you are certain that you have trained them well and that you also given them a fair crack of the whip before you make that decision.


But what if their underperformance really is your fault?

Last year, I ran a training event for recruitment directors entitled, “How to create a predominantly free candidate sourcing strategy.”

55 directors attended the event and I asked everyone to write down:

10 ways to source candidates for free that don’t include LinkedIn, Facebook, job board or other advertising – oh, and no Internet either.

Quite a few of the directors struggled with this question. How do you think you would have fared?

Give it a try. And when you’ve finished think how your staff would fare.

After the first exercise, I then raised the stakes:

20 ways to source candidates for free – no advertising, no internet.

Then, I raised the stakes further still:

35 ways to source candidates for free – no advertising, no internet.


Sourcing is not all about Boolean, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Did you know there are 35 ways to find candidates for free that don’t involve the web? If your staff knew even half of those, can you imagine how many more vacancies they would fill for you each year?

So what’s my point?

The point is, when hard-working, intelligent recruiters are equipped with the best knowledge they can bill 5 times more. Click on the recording here for a live case study of how small a recruitment company I’ve been working with in Sydney grew its gross profit from c $2 million to $12 million in just 18 months.


Did we sack all the staff?

The simple answer to that is that we didn’t need to. The company had employed people with a great attitude, but they just needed up-skilling.

In fact, all we needed to do was to apply The Target Smasher™ – a revolutionary new training methodology that enables directors to trace implementation, with a six-month money-back guarantee.

In a nutshell, we re-trained the whole company in every aspect of their jobs – candidate sourcing, business development, objection handling, taking and filling vacancies, exclusivity, retainers, headhunting, client meetings, building a temp desk from scratch – and much more.

Incidentally, this spectacular success isn’t a flash in the pan. In the next 12 months the client in Sydney is forecasting an increase in GP to $24 million (that’s a 20X improvement in billings within 2.5 years).

One of their staff more than doubled their billings to $500,000 and he is expected to do so again to $1 million in the next 12 months.

And yet in some recruitment companies, possibly yours, recruiters are underperforming and might even be about to leave recruitment altogether.


What is The Target Smasher™?

The short answer is that it’s the delivery of the world’s best training content for recruiters via: in-house training sessions delivered by you or your managers using videos and high-quality content tailored to your business, bespoke training manuals and external training sessions delivered via Skype or in-house.


Monthly reports that prove the ROI.

The Target Smasher™ methodology and latest training technology makes it easier to win business, source candidates, deal with objections and make more placements – as well as enabling far greater client satisfaction because of the end of every month clients receive reports proving the ROI – or they can claim their money back.

But The Target Smasher™ is easier to show than explain. Visit this link and you can arrange a free, online demonstration that will show you exactly what The Target Smasher™ will do for your recruitment business.


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