If you want to be at the top of your professional game, you need to set trends rather than follow them. One way to maximise your success is to become a thought leader. Here’s how you can achieve this.

Get yourself out there

Networking is a vital part of recruitment, so it is essential that you have a visible presence in your industry sector. Social media makes it easy to develop your online presence by joining relevant online groups, commenting on forums and posting your business details on various professional networks. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all useful. However, it is important to keep in mind that they target different demographics, so be sure to understand the differences in the platforms and post updates accordingly to get your profile seen. You can also raise your profile at industry events by offering to speak at conferences or contributing a paper to the programme.

Create Brand You

One key feature of successful recruiters is that they are skilled at sales. To be a successful thought leader, you need to effectively market yourself as a product. Compose a short 30-second pitch outlining what you do and memorise it. You will then be ready to confidently introduce yourself whenever you are asked that key question, “So, what do you do?” A short, catchy hook about yourself that you can add to the end of every email you send and every online profile you create will enhance your brand’s effectiveness. Get a professional photograph taken and use it along with your logo every time you submit a paper or are asked for information about yourself to keep your brand image consistent. If you have any particularly distinctive characteristics or attributes, consider adding them to your pitch or hook to make yourself more memorable.

Be an industry expert

You might run your own recruitment business but there is always something new to learn, so be open to fresh ideas and look out for ways to improve your knowledge and skills. Find a mentor whose career path you admire and respect, and follow that person’s example to accomplish your goals. Pass what you have learned on to others who are less experienced. Coaching others is part of the successful thought leader’s job.

Associate with other thought leaders

Networking at professional events with those who have the qualities you covet is a great way to be perceived as one of their peers. Get to know these people by attending conferences where they will be speaking, offering to help out at these events, joining any industry associations they are members of, and participating in online discussions with them. You could even organise your own UK event and invite them to give a presentation.

Find a new perspective

You want to develop a reputation as a trailblazer, so don’t look at what the jobs market is doing now. Instead, seek out new opportunities for the future. Don’t be afraid to disagree with others. Understand that both perspectives might have merit and combining the two can be advantageous.

Follow these five tips and it will help you develop the skills and attributes you need in order to succeed as a thought leader in the recruitment sector.

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