It’s a given that any company tries to make sure that their recruiters are performing to the highest level and that they’ve hired the best. We’ve all heard the expression “the cobbler’s wife had no shoes”. So, why in our own sector do we accept that 3 out of 4 recruiters being hired fail?

If we’re not getting it right ourselves, how can we reasonably pitch our own recruitment services to clients?

Any leader understands that one of their most important jobs is to get people on-side and behind the overall vision of the company from day 1. In order for them to fulfill their potential and get to the highest level, they also need to be given the best training.

Put your recruitment process under the microscope and ask whether you’re hiring people with the right ability, and more importantly, potential. Do you provide an efficient and effective training programme? Is each staff member being given individual time and investment? Do you ensure on day 1 that their first 5 minutes in the office fortifies their perception of the business and the values you uphold?

If you have a high turnover of staff, then there is without doubt a problem with your selection process.

Is there a structure to it? Is it consistent? Do you measure and analyze your starters and leavers? What were the reasons for success or failure and what can be learned from them?

Plan ahead to hire your next recruiters

The most successful businesses understand that you should ALWAYS be hiring, not just when you have a recently vacated seat to fill. Have some budget in reserve for that superstar who may arrive at your office out of the blue. If they can turnover £100K+ of GP in the next 12 months, would that be worth the investment to get them a desk and put them through a training programme?

Recruiters failing within the first 3 to 12 months has serious negative connotations for your business and its brand. Vast sums are wasted training the wrong candidates and poorly designed processes consumes critical senior staff time.

Even if you have a good current retention rate, is it that always good? Is everyone performing to their highest level? Or do you continue to wander aimlessly around the office blissfully ignoring your team’s bare feet. Alternative use for the word cobblers anyone?

For a limited time you can watch Romney Rawe’s superb presentation on Structured Staff Selection here.

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