In an age where independence is more available to young adults than ever before, companies have become increasingly aware that any one of these avant-garde minds could possess the key to leading their employer into the next realm of industrial success. With that in mind, the very foundations on which any company is built must first and foremost specialise in recruiting this fundamental talent.

Here are the five B’s to becoming an optimal choice for this new market of gifted capacity.

The Background

Everybody loves a good narrative but whether it’s a far off fantasy idea or tension raising take-on, anything is better than “we aim to be the best” especially if you present it as an ongoing adventure the candidate could be part of. Selling your company in a prestigious way that also allows for an exciting vacancy to occur will show candidates that they are joining a team, or an extended family if you will, which is certainly more appealing than recruiting for an empty desk space.

The Benefits

Be aware of the pre-existing benefits that most employers use and be sure that you do not simply meet and finish at these. Put yourself in their eagerly-polished shoes. Would a stable pension fund really feel as rewarding of a bonus as say, the providing of their first quality suit or maybe an invitation to regularly attend that members club that you know but don’t talk about? The selected employee knows what you want and works hard to achieve that. The key to being the selected employer is to make that concept a two-way street.

Open Plan Office

The Buzz

What’s that humming noise? Well, it’s the sound of revolutionary ideas being bounced from sector to sector, team to team, postulating mind to insurgent speaker. Your company’s next groundbreaking campaign idea could be behind an office door and may never even leave the Post-it note block. By adopting an open-plan office structure you are allowing for these ‘creative juices’ to flow through just enough minds to hopefully produce a well-rounded concept that may one day be priceless to your business. Furthermore the most recently joined employees can view their work team as an even playing field, reducing the fear of approaching experienced colleagues.


The Babies, Brides and Birthdays

Announcing to your colleague that you hit the big 4-0 last weekend, only to have it met with a response along the lines of “is this why those papers weren’t on my desk this morning” would undoubtedly be disheartening to the hardest of workers. Your company doesn’t have to turn into a college fraternity, but the acknowledgement of special occasions, big or small, will never go unappreciated. This can also be mutually beneficial of course, especially with the use of team building activities. You will find recruiting on these grounds to be profoundly efficient with a high retention rate.

The Big Thank-Yous

You may think this goes without saying, yet the amount of opportunities where it goes without being said could be the answer to employee dissatisfaction and therefore an undesirable company to work with and for. Your ideal worker would eat, sleep and breathe your business brand or name; that’s going to come at quite a sacrifice one way or another. If you can acknowledge their endeavours via a  simple thank you and reward of respective proportion, not only will this encourage the individual to continue in this manner, but if you can publicly display this, future candidates will be invited by your efforts in respecting and nurturing your hard-working team.

These were the five B’s to attracting and recruiting today’s most talented candidates. Let us know what you think, including what appealed to yourself about your recent starters. Check out FutureRecruiters if you’re looking to expand your company further. 

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