Last year a recruitment director of a 2,000 person organisation told me that the market was, “The best it’s ever been.”


I don’t think he’ll be saying the same in a few months’ time if Brexit campaigners get what they want tomorrow.


In fact, if there is any truth in what David Cameron and the Bank of England have said, if Brexit supporters turn out in their masses tomorrow and we leave the EU, recruiters in the UK will need to start bashing the phones harder than they have done for the last 4 or 5 years.


Time to batten down the hatches and bash the phones?



Or time to make a strategic play and take commercial advantage?


Very few recruitment companies know this yet, but it’s easy to pull in 100s of new clients each month with content driven marketing.


Here is roughly how it works:


1. Source industry experts whom your target clients will be attracted to.

2. Work with the expert and equip them with the capability to run free webinars that will attract your target clients.

3. Use web capture forms to capture the contact details of every target client that signs up for the free webinars.

4. Enter each new prospect client into automated marketing sequences that promote your brand.

5. Use appropriate analytics software to see which prospect clients are engaging with the free information that you send them.

6. Your sales team then contacts the now warm lead (your engaged prospect client) and secures their business.


I’m doing this in my own businesses and it works so well that I’m now offering the service to a small number of recruitment businesses.


In a nutshell, we will promote your business to your target market and source new clients for you – every month, month after month.


But, we can only offer the service to one company in each recruitment sector. And I’m only interested in working with people who really commit to the strategy.


If you’d like to find out more about the strategy and how to generate hundreds of incoming clients to your business click here.


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