What’s the biggest challenge for recruitment business owners today? Keeping up with the latest social media tools? Emerging recruitment technologies? Complex digital marketing strategies?


No, it’s something much more important:

Improving your ability to attract and recruit the very best recruiters.


Whilst the industry has changed at pace throughout the last 5 years, my experience of working with over 500 managing directors of recruitment businesses is that still to this day, they tell me their number one challenge is attracting the very best recruiters. So why is it that so many recruitment directors struggle to recruit for themselves?


Some years ago, I ran a fast-growth recruitment business that grew from 3 staff when I joined to over 100 in four different countries. That growth didn’t happen by accident. It required creative ideas, relentless drive and focus – and most importantly of all, a plan that got executed.


Three of the most important things that I did during that growth phase were:


  1. Make myself personally accountable to the board for internal recruitment – no excuses, the buck stopped with me if we failed to recruit great talent
  2. Create a documented, internal recruitment strategy for both trainees and experienced recruiters containing every smart idea I could think of to access, attract and recruit great talent
  3. Produce a written report for the board once a month regarding successes, failures and learning experiences


I saw an interesting article on the web recently by legendary management guru, Jack Welch. He described hiring great people as “brutally hard.” You may be either surprised, or comforted, to know that my own interview success rate was, and still is, around 1 in 10 – i.e. interview 10 people before hiring one potential SuperBiller™. When taking into account staff turnover in the business I ran, I must have interviewed around 2,000 recruiters over a seven-year period. I constantly rejected numerous average-to-good people and then redoubled my efforts to find the superstars. As Jack Welch says, if you want to hire great people it is brutally hard. And that’s one of the reasons why recruitment directors get it wrong – most are not prepared to put in the huge effort required in order to recruit A grade talent.


Here’s a quote from Jack Welch’s article:

“The problem is, the stakes are so high. Never has it been so important to field a team with the best players. Every smart idea matters. Every ounce of passion makes a difference. You cannot have a black hole in your organization where a star should be.”


So how many ‘black holes’ do you have in your recruitment business that should be occupied by stars? And what are you doing personally to put that right? It’s easy to make excuses – and if you have ever found yourself uttering the words: “Rec-to-Recs are hopeless,” “Generation X, generation Y, generation Z are different – they don’t want to work hard” – then I would suggest that you have fallen into the excuse trap, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The fact of the matter is, great talent has always been difficult to find – no, let’s go further than that it’s always been “brutally hard.” It was when Jack Welch ran GE, it was when I ran Parker Bridge and it still is today.

Great recruitment leaders don’t make excuses – they put a plan together and execute it.

With today’s technology it’s getting easier than ever to source average candidates, but identifying those needle in a haystack top recruiters is still a time-consuming task.


This is why I developed SpeedPitch™


To answer the prayers of recruitment directors and business owners looking to grow their teams this year.

We find and interview 100s of trainee recruiters each month and only invite the top 4% to SpeedPitch™ – A live online candidate presentation in 30 minutes for your convenience.

Just sit back, enjoy the candidate’s presentation and ask some questions if you feel the candidates have star potential for your business.

I can’t imagine the time I would’ve saved by being able to meet 6 top candidates in a 30-minute online assessment when I was building Parker Bridge.


AND it’s FREE! – Click here to find out more and book a space at the next SpeedPitch™ session in your area.


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